6 Natural Ways to Fix Pain

Hi! How’s everyone doing? Today I wanted to share with you six natural ways to fix your pain. I was on Google earlier, and I stumbled across this article talking about chronic pain and you know, I just thought this is something that I think I would like to share with everyone.

  1. One of the main things that I always go to when I’m dealing with any kind of chronic pain is, avoiding inflammatory foods. Yeah, there’s a lot of foods out there that cause inflammation. Gluten tends to be one of them, dairy is another one, alcohol. These are all things that you can avoid quite easily when you’re dealing with pain.
  2. Another thing that you can do when you’re dealing with pain, is to take a detox bath. What is that? A detox bath is simply a little bit warmer than lukewarm water in your bathtub, and you’re going to add a couple cups of Epsom Salt, some baking soda, and then even some bentonite clay. The magnesium in the Epsom Salt is phenomenal for pain. A lot of times inflammation is, we need to detox from it. Taking that Epsom Salt bath, and that detox bath is really going to help with that. 
  3. Another thing is taking the right supplements. As humans we’re not getting what we really need out of our diet. As clean as we could eat, and as much as we might eat tons and tons of leafy greens, and potassium rich bananas, and all the things, it’s still impossible to get the amount that we need in order to really make that different in our bodies. It’s really important to make sure you’re taking the right supplements.
  4. Another thing that I do for chronic pain, is I see a chiropractor at least on a monthly basis. Getting in that regime of visiting a chiropractor is really important. There’s a lot of great chiropractic doctors out there, so I definitely recommend that you do your research, and go, and talk to the doctor, and get a consultation. ‘Cause it really, it’s really that kind of relationship that you want to get to know the person.
  5. Another thing that you can do is get massages. Massage is wonderful for our bodies, and we really as human beings, don’t get enough massage. Bob Hope, I believe it was him, he got one massage a day for like, towards the end of his life for like, I don’t know how many years. But, every single day he would get a therapeutic massage, and he lived well into his 90’s, and he really attested that, that was because of the fact that he was getting these massages.
  6. Another thing is yoga. Yoga is wonderful for our bodies, because it’s exercise that helps us move, and stretch, and really puts together that brain body connection, that symbiotic connection that we need to have with our bodies. But, it does it in a very gentle, mild way that we can increase our flexibility without just really attacking the body.

Those are my six tips for your natural fixes to help with your pain. If you’d like to know any of the supplements that I personally recommend, I have an email list that I send out weekly. I share all sorts of trips and tricks, so I’d love to share that with you. I’ll link that down below. If you have any comments or thoughts, definitely if you feel this would help somebody else, share and comment. I love to hear from you guys, so thanks for watching. I hope this video was helpful for you. 

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Safe Makeup!

There are so many products these days that are made to look all natural and safe, but the only way to really know which makeup brands are safe and which ones are not is to read labels. Watch this video for my top three safe makeup brands. For the best brain health solutions, subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video every Tuesday. Confused where to start when it comes to choosing the safest makeup and don’t know where to begin? By the end of this blog, I’ll give you my top three safe makeup brands that I choose to get a high-end, department store look without all the toxins. I’ve done this and so have hundreds of my members, and now it’s your turn.

Omiana has a whole line of vegan, titanium dioxide and mica free makeup. And what I love about Omiana is the same thing I love about all of these safer makeup brands, there’s virtually no smell. I’m looking at their mascara; there’s no mica and there’s no titanium dioxide. The ingredients are water, chamomile, beeswax, another kind of wax … I should have brought my glasses. Now I can see. Okay, sunflower seed oil, rice, thyme, lavender, rosemary, goldenseal, lemon, all plant derived. They’re a US company, and you can go info@omiana.com. And I’ll put the link down below.

My favorite product from Omiana that I use regularly is they have this redness. I packed, I’m leaving on a trip tomorrow, so I already packed it. But it’s like this little pot of this redness concealer. And I love it under my foundation. It’s awesome. And it seems to be like just a really great company. Their website is really beautiful, easy to navigate, and all of their stuff is just really, really clean. That is definitely a company that I recommend.

Savvy Minerals by Young Living. Savvy Minerals is my go-to, my favorite, number one. This is one of their products. It’s all mineral makeup right now. This is … Oh, this is one of their foundations. It’s a powder. And I actually have a video I’ll link below, which I did a Savvy Minerals makeup tutorial. And what I love about Savvy Minerals is the … number one is the Seed to Seal Process, which is the mantra of the company, is that everything is created from Young Living, from the seed of the plant to the seal of the bottle. And Young Living has a standard. And there is zero smell. They have a misting spray, which does contain … I wonder if this says what the ingredients are. It doesn’t say right on this. It probably says it on the box.

But I list that below, too. I thought I was better prepared. Okay, I use, what I’m wearing right now, I have that redness concealer of Omiana underneath, and then my foundation, my bronzer, my blush, lipstick, eyebrows, shadow, everything, and mascara, everything is Savvy Minerals by Young Living essentially. And I use the majority of their products. Their mineral makeup has a lot of coverage. And if you could see, let’s see if I can get closer, I have a lot of acne scaring and a lot of redness, and it really does help give you that flawless look. There is a, what’s it called? Give me a second. A primer that I use underneath. Everything is infused with essential oils, so it actually, I feel it is improving my skin, and making my skin better.

I love the way it smells, as far as the misting spray has essential oils in it. But honestly, it’s just really good, high quality makeup. Completely vegan. Completely plant-based. The minerals are actually taken from the earth, and ground up, and then the pigment is added in. There is titanium dioxide in Savvy Minerals, but Savvy, all of Young Living’s products don’t contain nano particles. And nano particles are what actually can enter your skin and then get into your bloodstream, so the titanium dioxide that Young Living uses does not contain nano particles, which is huge. They’re small enough to create that flawless look, but they’re not too small that they would enter the bloodstream. But that is huge that Young Living by Savvy Minerals … Savvy Minerals by Young Living takes that extra step to make their products super safe.

What is your staple, can’t live without makeup product? Comment below and let us know what makeup product it is that you can’t live without.

100 Percent Pure. 100 Percent Pure is another great company. I mean, and there are some other clean companies out there. There are companies like Tart, and there’s companies like … I can’t remember the name. Bad YouTuber. But anyway, there’s a couple of other companies that have some products that are okay, but then other ones aren’t. So if you’re not sure, you can write out those ingredients that are on whatever product you’re interested in and then run each product, each ingredient, through ewg.org, which is Environmental Working Group. And you’ll be able to see the toxicity rating and you’ll be able to read about that ingredient.

100 Percent Pure. This is one of their lipsticks. And I have tried foundations from 100 Percent Pure, for me, I need fuller coverage, and they seem to be, even the foundation, seems to be more of like a BB Cream than it does a full coverage foundation. But 100 Percent Pure uses fruit pigmented, this is fruit pigmented pomegranate oil, anti-aging lipstick. It’s 100% natural, 100% vegan. And the ingredients are not listed on here. Hmm. Anyway, I can link all of this down below, but 100PercentPure.com. It’s the number 100 Percent, spelled out P-E-R-C-E-N-T-P-U-R-E.com. And this is, this lipstick is, like I said, it’s fruit pigmented. And what I love about it, oh, first of all, it’s so pretty, right? Look at that. I mean, I tend to wear mostly Savvy Minerals, but this is a more opaque, lighter color. I’ll put it on for you.

And it just kind of, it just smells like fruit. It doesn’t have any of that chemical smell to it. I find there’s a couple other lipsticks that I’ve gotten from 100 Percent Pure that I really, really love. They also, if you want an eyebrow gel, because I use a powder on my eyebrows, but if you want to use an eyebrow gel, 100 Percent Pure has a great eyebrow gel. There’s some things that some companies carry that others don’t, so that’s why it’s good to have a mixture that you can work with.

Now you know exactly what brands are safe, so you can begin swapping out your makeup for safe options. But what ingredients should you avoid? I’ve created a free report listing top ingredients to avoid. The link is below. Also, join me and a community of women just like you. I’ve created a secret society where I share up-to-date health and wellness advice for learning what foods and products are safe and which are not.

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Hidden Toxins in Your House (and what to do about them!)


Want to kick toxins out of your home but not sure where to start, watch this video for my super simple step by step guide. For the best brain health solutions, subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video every Tuesday.

Are you carefully watching what goes into your mouth, but when it comes to keeping a healthy home, can’t figure out where to begin? By the end of this video, you’ll know my top three items that you can remove from your home to start living cleaner today. I’ve done this, and so have hundreds of my members and now it’s your turn.

Kick those candles out of your house. Candles are something that we love to have in our home. We love the flicker of the light. We love the smell of the scented candle, but here’s the thing. They contain fragrance and other toxins that are not good for our bodies. They actually are disrupting the way our cells are working. The best bet is just to get all of those candles out of your home. The other things that candles do is they emit carbon into the air. We’re actually breathing it into our lungs. We’re better off just not having candles in our home. There are plenty of natural solutions that are super yummy smelling that will be much better for your health. It will actually make you a healthier person.

Air fresheners, another thing laden with fragrance. Here’s the thing. The Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976 grandfathered in a bunch of toxic chemicals that are cancer causing, and have all sorts of problems. Fragrance is one of those things. We don’t know how it affects our body, but what we do know is that it actually makes our nose smell things not the proper way. You want to make sure that you’re getting rid of air fresheners. They’re toxic. They’re not good for you. Eliminate air fresheners, and you will start feeling better right away.

Comment below and let us know what household product you would like to replace with a natural safe solution.

Dryer sheets, so what happens with dryer sheets is they are another item that is laden with fragrance. Do you see what’s happening now? Do you see how anything with fragrance is not really safe for human beings or for animals. To keep your home safe, healthy home, eliminate things with fragrance. The problem with dryer sheets is that they not only get into our clothes, and they’re stinking up the environment by emitting those scents outdoors. I don’t know if you notice that, but I can smell it when someone is doing their laundry, and I can smell their dryer sheets. It immediately gives me a headache. What happens is, we get those toxins from the dryer sheets all over our clothes. Then we hang them in our closet, and they out-gas while we’re sleeping at night. We’re breathing in all those toxins. They’re on our sheets. They’re on our comforters, on our pillow cases, on our night clothes. We’re wearing them. They’re touching our skin. It’s just really smart to get rid of dryer sheets.

There are super easy solutions that you will be so happy that you did away with dryer sheets. It’ll save you money. You will be feeling healthier, and you’ll know you’re doing your best for your family.

 Now your know exactly how to begin kicking toxins out of your home. But, what else can you do to become your best self? I’ve created a free checklist with seven quick and simple steps to eliminate brain fog, restore focus and transform your health. Click the link below.



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Grain Free Snacks!



Curious about which snacks are healthy and which are not? Watch this video for my super simple grain-free snack ideas. For the best brain health solutions, subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video every Tuesday.

Are you confused about where to start when it comes to eating healthy and can’t figure out where to begin? By the end of this video, you’ll know my top three grain-free snack ideas.

Fruit and veggies are excellent, excellent snacks. Apples, oranges, kiwi, you name it. Any fruit is better than eating something that’s laden with grains or heavily processed. Also, I love to have snacks like celery and cucumbers, sugar snap pea. They’re really easy for grab and go. You can slice them up ahead of time, put them in baggies and take them with you.

I love protein snacks such as sugar-free jerkies, cheese sticks, nuts, nut butters, almond flour crackers, and also there are a lot of snacks and chips made with cassava flour, which comes from a root. These are all great things that you can keep on hand and you can get at the supermarket to keep with you or have in your cupboard so if you feel like having some tuna salad, you can have some crackers with it and still feel like you’re getting that little bit of a starch without eating something that’s made from wheat or corn.

What’s your most favorite healthy food? Comment below and let us know. Let’s share some ideas of different healthy foods we can get started with today.

RX bars and LARA bars. If you haven’t heard of these bars before, you can usually find them in your local supermarket. What’s great is they’re made from whole foods. They contain dates, which are a little bit higher as far as spiking your insulin levels as far as the sugar index, but they’re still a natural sugar so they’re a good source of protein, fruits, nuts. RX bars tend to have egg whites, nuts, and dates, and LARA bars tend to be a little bit more on the fruit side.

You still need to make sure you’re looking in the ingredients because sometimes there’s certain flavors that might not really be something you want to be taking into your body, but for the most part you can be confident that RX bars and LARA bars are great grain-free snacks to keep on hand.

Now you know exactly how to load up your cupboard with grain-free snacks, but what else can you do to become your best self? I’ve created a free checklist with seven quick and simple steps to help eliminate brain fog, restore focus, and transform your health. Click the link below.

Also, join me and a community of women just like you. I have a secret society where I share up-to-date health and wellness advice to help you navigate the sometimes tricky waters in learning what foods and products are safe and which ones are not.

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Intermittent Fasting…How To!


Want to learn about intermittent fasting but not sure where to start? Watch this video for my super simple, step-by-step guide. For the best brain health solutions, subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video everyTuesday.

Why intermittent fasting, and how do I start? The way intermittent fasting works is that you use your fast from sleeping and you extend it. So you can extend it in either direction, you can extend it before you go to sleep and then you can extend it after you wake up. Go to sleep, midnight, you sleep until 8:00 a.m., so there’s your eight hours already. Then you can fast for two to four hours, or even longer, and then you break your fast.

So let’s say you fast for four hours, you break your fast at noon, then you have your first meal of the day. And when you’re eating, you want to make sure that you are eating healthy food. You don’t want to be consuming sugars or heavily-processed foods. Before you go to sleep at night, you want to make sure you stop eating at a certain time. For example, you stop eating at 8:00 p.m.and then you go to bed at midnight. This way, you fasted a total of 16 hours and in the middle of that, between noon and 8:00 p.m., you had eight-hour feeding time.

What’s your most favorite healthy food? Comment below and let us know. Let’s share some ideas of different healthy foods we can get started with today. Like I had mentioned earlier, you want to eat healthier types of foods. I would stick to proteins and produce to start with. You can start incorporating some starches in, that would be fine. Sometimes having a healthy starch, like a potato or even white rice, is okay to have during your feeding time. You just don’t want to have anything heavily laden with sugar and I would definitely stay away from wheat. Most of our wheat and grains are heavily processed and they’re not really healthy for us anymore. So I would stay away from corn and wheat and most grains, other than white rice.

Now you know exactly how to begin intermittent fasting, but what else can you do to become your best self? I’ve created a free checklist of seven quick and simple steps to eliminate brain fog, restore focus, and transform your health. Join me and a community of women just like you, I have a secret society where I share up-to-date health and wellness advice, to help you navigate the sometimes tricky waters in learning what foods and products are safe and which ones are not.

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How to Eat Healthy! (Simple Steps to Change Your Life!)

Want to know how to eat healthy food, but not sure where to start? Watch this video for my super simple step-by-step guide.

For the best brain health solution, subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video every Tuesday.

Are you confused where to start when it comes to eating healthy and can’t figure out where to begin? By the end of this video, you’ll know the top three ways you can start eating healthy today. I’ve done this, and so have hundreds of my members, and now it’s your turn.

Step one. Start reading labels. It’s so important to know what is in the foods that we’re purchasing and we’re buying at the store. It’s very easy when you’re buying fruits, vegetables, to know this is an apple, this is a zucchini, right? You know that whole food.

Look at a jar of peanut butter, for instance. Flip over that jar and read the label. The only ingredients should be peanuts. Peanuts have natural oil in them. All you have to do is just ground them up and you have peanut butter. When you look at certain brands of peanut butter, you’ll see on the back of the label sugar or high fructose corn syrup, added oils. These are unnecessary, so just be sure to start reading your labels.

Step two. Look for short ingredients lists. If you’re not sure what ingredients to look for, another way is to really look at that ingredients list, and they should be on the short side. If you see a really long ingredients list, chances are there’s a lot of additives, preservatives and things that are not healthy for our bodies. So, take a look at your ingredients list, start to get to know what those ingredients are, but in the meantime stick to shorter ingredients lists.

What’s your most favorite healthy food? Comment below and let us know what your most favorite healthy food is.

Step three. Keep it simple. Once you have a few foods that you really enjoy eating on a regular basis, eat those foods again and again each week. For instance, if you really enjoy having hard boiled eggs in the morning, have hard boiled eggs every morning. As long as they are grass-fed and they are organic, you’ll be fine having a couple of eggs every day.

You can also eat similar type of vegetables. If you really enjoy broccoli, cauliflower is something similar to broccoli, so you might want to stick to those cruciferous vegetables if you’re not really into the leafy greens just yet.

Now you know exactly how to begin eating healthy, but what else can you do to become your best self? I’ve created a free checklist, seven quick and simple steps to eliminate brain fog, restore focus, and become your best self. The link is below.

Also, join me and community of women just like you. I have a secret society where I share up-to-date health and wellness advice to help you navigate the sometimes tricky waters in learning what foods and products are safe and which ones are not.

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If I had a nickel for every time I see a Facebook friend, mostly fellow moms, venting in a post that they didn’t get enough sleep, or weren’t’ able to sleep… I’d have a nice fat bank account, haha!! But seriously, it makes me so sad and I think about how I wish I could sit down with each and everyone one of you and help you figure out what’s going on, and why this is happening to you… but there could be multiple reasons.

There was a time that I didn’t understand “having a bad night’s sleep”. I used to be the BEST sleeper! I could sleep anywhere! The car, on the floor, in school, during class, ANYWHERE. But then in my thirties things began to change. It would take me at least an hour to fall asleep, and then I would not stay asleep. I would wake up to pee, and then I’d be up for an hour or two, before I’d finally fall back to sleep.


I noticed it more often when I had a few drinks. “Alcohol can interrupt your sleep.”, my mother would often say. She should know being a recovering alcoholic. She blamed booze for all sorts of ailments. And most times, she was right!


But booze, as my mom would call it, isn’t the only sleep disruptor. Others are sugar in the diet, hormonal imbalances, and stress!

Now, some people only need 6 – 8 hours of sleep per night. Some people need 8-10 hours of sleep… and then there is the question, do women need more sleep then men?

Yes, according to Dr. Jim Horne , Britain’s leading expert in sleep science. In an article published in the Daily Mail, Horne explained that on average women need twenty more minutes of sleep than men. The researcher pointed out that women tend to multi-task and use more of their actual brain than men, leading to a greater need for sleep. Essentially, the more you use your brain during the day, the more it needs to rest while asleep.


Do naps make up the difference? Can you fill your sleep tank with a nap? No, but it can help!

But why is the right amount of sleep so important? Well, lack of sleep causes hormone imbalance (which can also effect sleep…can you say vicious cycle?), brain fog, weakened immune system, sexual dysfunction, digestive problems, adrenal fatigue, and poor memory.


So how do we correct the sleep issue? Let’s look at the most common sleep disrupters one by one:



Busy life = stress on the body. Sleep is your body’s time to heal and rebuild. Without it, we don’t function optimally. Here are some ways I minimize stress:

* Drink heavily

* Gossip

Haha!!! Just kidding!

Eating properly and avoiding sugar, and alcohol have been HUGE for keeping my mind and body in a way that I can handle stress and anxiety better. Also, I use Young Living essential oils to help with positive feelings and remaining calm. I also take time each day to unplug and relax. Just 5 minutes of downtime, and some oils in my diffuser, has helped my screen overload and makes me feel more grounded and at peace.


Another stress reliever for me is prayer. Talking with God and trusting in His wisdom and journey for me, helps me handle the issues and problems that arise in my life. Daily prayer keeps my plugged into my relationship with the Lord, and helps me release any worry.





Let me tell you guys, one of the worst things to wake up to in the middle of the night is boob sweat. No joke. There are  times of the month, ovulation and the week prior to my cycle) that I would wake up in the middle of the night absolutely drenched because my hormones were completely out of whack. Not only was it gross, it was uncomfortable. So of course, not only was my sleep interrupted because I was waking up freezing, I would have to get up and change my clothes to get comfortable again.


Thankfully, I’ve learned how to avoid this by taking all natural supplements to help balance my hormones. So now I sleep all nice and warm without the fear of being woken up in a puddle of my own sweat.


When my hormones were out of balance, hunger and sleep were the areas where I was most effected. The hormones Leptin and Ghrelin are involved with hunger and satiety. Another thing that affects sleep is cortisol levels and adrenal issues.

The Hormone Health Network states that “Most cells within the body have cortisol receptors. Secretion of the hormone is controlled by the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and the adrenal gland, a combination glands often referred to as the HPA axis. Because most bodily cells have cortisol receptors, it affects many different functions in the body.”


Cortisol also helps regulate your metabolism, sugar levels, and blood pressure. Your adrenal glands are controlled by your pituitary gland, another part of your endocrine system. Everything is connected in a larger way, so if one thing is thrown out of whack, it causes a huge domino effect.


Have you ever found yourself waking up in the middle of the night hungry and must eat something to go back to sleep? This is a cortisol imbalance. Which brings me to the next sleep disruptor.




Ever since I was young I’ve had a healthy appetite. I can honestly say I used to have an affair with food, haha! But when I was younger it was easier to eat what I wanted and still sleep easily at night. As I got older, I found that the worse I ate the harder it was to get to sleep. Maybe I had a glass or two of wine and a couple of slices of pizza for dinner and suddenly it was taking me forever to get to sleep that night.

I’m a huge fan of desserts too, so sugar used to be a large part of my diet. I have always been able to stay on the healthier side of the weight scale but there would be times where I wouldn’t be eating the best and I got to a weight which I wasn’t comfortable with. My sleep was always the worst during those times. I found out that the sugar was a huge part in what was affecting my sleep.


Nosh on junk and you’ll snooze like garbage: Eating lots of sugar can screw with your sleep, a new study from Columbia University suggests.

In the study, people who ate the most sugar in their diet throughout the day experienced more arousals—intrusions that pull you out of deep sleep without awakening you—than those who ate less sweet stuff.

Consuming more refined carbs, like white breads and pastas, was also linked with more sleep arousals.


That’s because these kinds of carbs delay your body’s release of melatonin, a hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycle and helps you slide into deeper, higher-quality sleep, explains study author Marie-Pierre St-Onge, Ph.D.


So, to combat this, I’ve completely cut sugar out of my diet and my main intake has been a purely Keto based diet. That isn’t to say that I don’t get to enjoy some of my favorite foods. In fact, I still get to eat a lot of the foods I love. I’ve just learned to make them the Keto way, without any sugar or hormone affecting chemicals.


Here is my blog post on my start with the Ketogenic Diet.


Since I have addressed my sleep issues, and taken specific steps to correct my diet, hormones and stress, I have been happily sleeping through the night, and awaken well rested. Getting proper sleep has made me feel more energetic through the day, which directly helps my productivity and happiness. Not to mention the positive effect on my immune system! You too can enjoy a great night’s sleep again! It is possible!

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Keto Diet


Hi guys! I wanted to talk to you today the Ketogenic diet. The Keto diet is kind of like the Paleozoic diet, if you’re familiar with that. It is a high-fat low-carb diet where you are not to have grains or legumes.


But first let’s back up. Let me tell you my reasons for being on the Ketogenic diet. First and foremost I put on some weight. My mother died in January 2017. During that whole process of her being unwell and her passing I basically ate myself happy. I thought I would just not put any pressure on myself to stick to the confines of being healthy and I’ll just eat whatever I wanted because I was relatively thin and it doesn’t matter, right? Well, it does matter.


Even if you’re not the kind of person who puts on a lot of weight that does not mean that you are healthy on the inside. And I could tell that I wasn’t healthy because I was starting to show symptoms of being unhealthy on the outside. Like, I’ve never had cellulite before but now I had cellulite, where did that come from? I’ve never had a double chin, well I guess now thanks to the diet it’s kind of going away but still, haha! I feel like in some pictures I would notice…I didn’t like the way it looked, how about that?


I just didn’t like the way I looked. And I didn’t want anyone to skinny shame me and say, “you have no reason to talk about losing weight,” or any of that crap. This is not what this is about. This is about getting healthy and feeling good and functioning at your optimum level!


So I have done a little bit of a roller coaster in my life, not too much but back in 2004 I starved myself to about 1000 calories per day. Because I had gotten up to 150 pounds, which for my frame is a little much. I had gained it all in my middle, in my stomach area and that wasn’t good, it was not good at all. So I started and I guess it took me from October to April to lose it all. I got back down to a healthy weight, which for me at the time and maybe it wasn’t even that healthy, I was probably a little too thin. But I think it’s all relative too. What is too thin, what is too fat? I feel like there has to be certain things involved in that: range of motion, going up the stairs. That’s happened to me and I’ve never been a heavy person but I’ve still not been my best.


Being 45 years old and approaching 50, I know it’s five years away but still it’s coming, I want to be my best. I want to start the second half of my life or maybe even more than half. I mean, maybe I’ll live into my hundreds if I take care of myself now, right? There is an old Chinese proverb that says, “Don’t wait until you are thirsty, to dig your well.” So in regards to health, that means don’t wait until you’re sick or until you are at an extreme deficit before you start to get healthy. So should I continue to get to an obese level before start taking care of myself? No.


Anybody, well almost anybody can put on extra weight especially United States, especially in our society. Where everything revolves around food. I’m just talking to friends about this today, everything revolves around food!

“Hey you want to go to lunch?”

“Hey, let’s go grab some dinner.”

“Hey, after the movie let’s go to the Diner!”

“Hey, want to come over for dinner?”

It’s always revolving around food! Do we say, “Hey! Let’s go for a walk/hike?” or “Hey! Let’s go to a show!” and you eat before you go. Or, “Let’s take a ride down the shore!” Well, down the shore because I’m from New Jersey so that’s something we would say, haha! Or let’s just, you know go shopping! And I have snacks in my bag and will be fine and we don’t have to go and eat at a restaurant. Where things are overly salted and overly sugared. Using oils that are not healthy. Even if you think you’re picking something that is healthy you don’t know what it’s been cooking, right?


Now I am not saying by any means you can never go out to eat or you can never do any of these things, but does have to be the norm? Does it have to be all the time be all the time? Well for me it was all the time. Every time I would go to the hospital to see my mom for at least two meals a day, I would go to the cafeteria to get a Danish or bagel or I would have whatever they cooked. It was all about, I guess making it fun for me to go to hospital to see my dying mother. I got to go eat, yay! And I guess it served its purpose at the time.


But! Now that she’s gone, I have two little kids that depend on me and I have young kids for being a 45-year-old woman. My youngest is three, right? So I am 42 years older than her, so what does that mean? How old am I going to be when she’s 40? When she’s 40 I’m going to be 82. I don’t want to be 82 and crippled, and I want to be here. My mother only lived to be 78, right? So I want to be here, I don’t want to die before my kids hit 40. Sorry, I’m getting a little impassioned but that’s how strongly I feel about it.


I think that we all need to really consider our life, that we only have one life live and we want do the best that life. With that being said you can still enjoy food and you can enjoy your life without eating out all the time without eating crap. And without having chips, cookies and all that garbage in your cupboard, right?


Okay! So, the ketogenic diet. I chose this diet because I heard that you don’t feel hungry on it and I have to say that is true. 100%. I am somebody who has tried the Atkins diet, I have tried calorie counting, I have tried just eating healthy protein and produce. Even after all these things there would always be a point in the day I would be famished and I would need to eat. And a lot of times when I was on those diets I would eat the right choices for that protocol.


What have to say about this Keto diet is that I do not feel hungry! I feel the need to eat and refuel, I start to maybe not have the energy and I realize, wait a second, it’s time to eat. In fact, after this I’m going to go eat! I’m not at the point where I feel hungry. Which, I have to say is such a gift! Because that would interrupt my life so much, like, “I can’t do anything, we have to go eat.” And I would have to go somewhere, or buy food, or cook something and then it would be that process. Now it’s just different.


So, there’s a lot of different things I’m eating. Basically, healthy, grass fed, organic, free range meat. So that’s cow, pig and chicken. I’m not over eating it, because on the Keto diet 70% of your calorie intake should be healthy fats. Such as: avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, grass fed free range butter, some cheeses. But it’s not like on the Atkins Diet where you can just eat cheese all the time, it’s not like that. I’m having goat’s cheese, a little organic cheddar cheese (everything I eat is organic by the way), Greek yogurt plain. That’s basically it for the fats. I have had a little bit of sour cream, I’m not going to lie, I know I probably shouldn’t haha. I have been putting organic heavy cream in my coffee as well. I’m even drinking organic coffee that we make at home. I also add a little bit of some powdered stevia, and I know it’s good because when I look at the back all the ingredients list reads is “Organic Stevia,” nothing else. So that’s what I use as a sweetener.


Next is 20-23% protein which I’ve covered above. And the rest of that percent is your carbs, which would be any vegetables that grow above the ground. Mostly cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower, broccoli, broccoli rabe, and broccoletti. I love all the broccolis! Spinach, any of the leafy greens. Raw, cooked, whatever. I used to get so hung up on “Oh it’s not raw,” but now I just eat things cooked, raw, however it tastes good. Right now I’m just trying to fuel my body, getting the good stuff in.


So that’s what I’m eating! So, for instance, when I get up in the morning I’ll have some scrambled eggs. You’re not supposed to have a lot of fruit on the Keto diet but you can have some berries, like blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, preferably in the morning and in small amounts. I would say between about 5 and 9, definitely not a bowl of berries. That would be No Bueno! LOL


So, for breakfast I’ll throw some blueberries on my eggs in the morning. Holly Rigsby actually taught me that trick. A little Greek yogurt and some blueberries on top of my eggs. Very yummy!! For Lunch I’ll have maybe some organic deli meats, like Turkey. But always make sure you know what ingredients are being added to your deli meats. I always make sure to know the ingredients before purchasing so I can stay away from the slipped in sugar. So, I’ll have a portion of meat and a salad. Yesterday I had some chopped-up chicken breast, I put a little avocado mayo with it to make it like a chicken salad and added it to a nice big helping of arugula.


For dinner and let me tell you I am so blessed that I have a husband that cooks (And his cooking is always so delicious!!), and who is cooking mindfully for me, we had chicken breasts with shallots. As an acid, instead of using alcohol because alcohol can possibly still turn into carbs in our system even when cooked (I’m not sure about this but I didn’t want to chance it. If anyone can help me with this please comment and let me know!), a little butter and lemon. He also made some cauliflower rice; green beans and I made an arugula salad. Let me tell you, it was super-duper satisfying!


So that’s why I’m doing this diet. I’m always hungry, haha, and I feel like this diet has been a huge help with not feeling like I’m starving. I hope this was informative and that you learned something about the Keto Diet. If you know something about the Keto diet and wish to share please feel free to comment and let me know! Talk to you guys later!

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Choosing Safe Makeup

Makeup is one of those products that we tend to forget about. It is one of the last personal care products that I swapped out for healthier alternatives, and here’s why!

Lack of information, and few truly safe makeup brands.

Compared to how many cosmetic brands options we have, there are far less cosmetics companies with safe ingredients. For a long time, I mistakenly mistook Vegan makeup as safe makeup. It’s safe alright, safe for animals, but for humans it’s not necessarily a defining factor. Chances are it’s safer than the department store brands, but there are other ingredients for us to look into.

Ingredients to avoid in your cosmetics:

–       Talc

–       Mysterious particle coatings

–       Nanoparticles

–       Bismuth

–       Mineral oil

–       Parabens

–       Phthalates

–       Gluten

–       Dyes

–       Petrochemicals

–       Synthetic fragrance and colorants


Ingredients that are safe in your cosmetics:

–       Aspen bark

–       Mica

–       Fruit extract

–       Boron nitrade

–       Lauroyl Lysine

–       Olive and jojoba oils

–       Vitamin E

–       Beeswax


MAKEUP – It’s not HOW you put it on, it’s WHAT you put on!

Makeup and skincare products can go right through our pores, especially micro and nano sized ingredients. When we eat, our digestive system filters the toxins out of the body. But the digestive system can’t filter anything that goes through our pores, it goes right into our blood stream!

When I began researching makeup, I assumed ALL the makeup brands that claimed to be organic, mineral, natural, cruelty free and pure were safe. I used brands like Tarte, Arbonne, Mineral Fusion, and Younique.

But then I had a revelation…

As I researched healthy foods, personal care and home cleaning products for my family and house, I became an expert label reader… for everything but makeup. I wasn’t reading labels for cosmetics!

So I started reading labels… what are all these ingredients? One by one I started looking at my supposedly “safe” makeup ingredients and I was horrified that I was STILL putting myself in danger! As well as my girls and husband everything I kissed them.

How to avoid toxins in Makeup

You can read labels and run ingredients through EWG’s Skin Deep database http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/#.Wb3v_NOGN8c

You can scan your cosmetics in the THINK Dirty App https://www.thinkdirtyapp.com/

You can shop these trusted brands that are my personal favorites!

Savvy Minerals by Young Living https://www.youngliving.com/en_US/products/savvy-minerals-by-young-living

– this is a member based company, use my member number 2408929


Rejuvaminerals http://www.rejuvaminerals.com/store/

Omiana https://www.omiana.com/

100 Percent Pure https://www.100percentpure.com/

Juice Beauty https://www.juicebeauty.com/

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