Healthy Lunchbox Swaps

Hi and welcome back to my channel. I wanted to talk to you today a little bit about kids and how to swap out and give them some healthy lunches.

I think it’s really good about this time of year is as we’re gearing up, getting closer to summer, you can definitely start to incorporate some of these changes … That’s better. You can start incorporating it now … Oh my gosh, so many notifications, of course, once I … And … I’m sitting on all this food that I brought into my bedroom.

You can start to make these changes over the summer so that when your kids are ready to go back to school and you’re packing their lunch boxes, it’s not like they’re going to come home with an empty lunch. And you’re going to be like oh my gosh, why didn’t you eat anything.

All right. So for me and for our family, behavior has a lot to do with food. And if you think about it, all of our brain health which has to do with our emotions, our focus, all those things have to do with what we eat, right? The biggest nerve goes from the gut to the brain and that’s the direct connection, the correlation. So we want to make sure what we’re putting in our bodies, like what are you doing to your gut, and how is your gut responding, and how is that affecting you emotionally, mindfully, all the things.

So, I just want to talk to you about a couple things, a couple of different items that we make sure our kids have to eat that we have on hand, all the time, that are like easy swap outs. I mean, obviously fruits and vegetables, protein, all those things are really, really great for you. Healthy fats like avocado. A good quality mayonnaise. Healthy, grass fed butter. These things are all amazing for us. So whatever we would eat, we want our kids to eat too, right? We don’t just want to give our kids like processed chicken fingers and macaroni and cheese, and that’s gluten, that’s dairy, and it definitely affects the belly.

Blueberries. I love having good organic blueberries on hand because it’s kind of like a grab and go. You can separate it out into like little baggies. My kids usually just eat them right out of this container but you can separate it out into little baggies and then have them on hand to like have kids take with them in the car, throw them into lunch boxes, stuff like that. Blueberries. Delicious, they don’t need any sweetener, kids love them.

Another thing I like to have on hand is we got this from a local farmer’s market store type of thing call Farmacy, and these are banana chips with no sugar added. The ingredients are bananas and non-hydrogenated coconut oil. So you don’t want hydrogenated, you want non-hydrogenated coconut oil. That’s it. Those are the only ingredients. So I love that this comes in this mason jar and these are just like little banana chips but they’re not sweet. They just taste like the banana. They’re actually a little on the savory side, you could probably put a little salt on them if you wanted to, but these are great to like dip in peanut butter or almond butter. My kids eat peanut butter. We don’t have any peanut allergies, but if you have a peanut allergy you could do another nut butter, you could do it with hummus, but these are great because they’re not a grain.

These are from a company called Lesser Evil and these are Grain Gree Paleo Puffs and these are no cheese cheesiness. So this is still … they’re non GMO, paleo friendly, gluten free, vegan, grain free, so these are kind of like a healthier snack. They do have some calories obviously, and the ingredients are cassava flour, coconut oil, tapioca starch, coconut flour, tapioca solids, Himalayan sea salt, which is awesome for us, yeast extract, nutritional yeast, organic garlic powder, organic onion powder, and organic spices, organic ground mustard.

So these are awesome. The kids love them, I love them, they’re super yummy. These are something easy to have on hand. And the whole point is to like swap out … This would be to replace like cheese puffs or like what were those things called, like the cheese curls, things like that, because those things, you know how they’re like bright orange, you know why they’re bright orange? They got red food dye in them. You know what red dye number 40 does to us and our brain? It doesn’t help with behavior. I even noticed with myself so you want to stay away from anything that’s like heavily dyed.

This is a good swap out for a corn chip, although corn chips can be debatable, I still like to try to stay as grain free as possible so these are Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips. These are lime flavor and the ingredients are cassava flour, avocado oil, coconut flour, ground chia seeds, sea salt, and lime oil. These are great. They’re super yummy. You can have these with …

Thing that we have that we got is Organic Oven Roasted Turkey Breast. We got this at Whole Foods, this is from their 365 line. The ingredients are organic turkey breast, water, organic distilled white vinegar, sea salt, organic honey. It’s got trace amounts of sugar. We try to avoid sugar but this is good to roll up and throw in the kids’ lunch box. Just some good quality protein. I also love to do like a hard boiled egg.

Love these, this is from a company called Simple Mills, they have a lot of great products, and these are Almond Flour Crackers. You can also make these yourself at home. What I’m saying is quick stuff that you can have on hand. If you’re not able to make stuff all the time, this is a great option to swap it out instead of doing like Ritz crackers that are filled with gluten and iodized salt. The ingredients are nut and seed flour blend from almonds, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds, tapioca starch, cassava flour, organic sunflower oil, sea salt, organic onion, organic garlic, and rosemary extract for freshness. No preservatives people. Natural preservatives. That’s what we should be looking for.

Okay. Another one is I just heard of these from a new friend of mine and this is called Miyoko’s Fresh Vegan Mozzarell, so if you’re trying to stay, or mozzarella depending, my New Jersey friends would say mozzarell, and if you’re trying to stay away from dairy, this is a great option. So this is organic and the ingredients are cashews, coconut oil, tapioca, organic cultured sugar, sea salt, sunflowers, lecithin cultures. That’s it. So, it contains cashews and coconut so it might not be the best thing if you have a nut allergy, but if you are going dairy free, I would say this is a great option. It tastes really yummy. It’s spreadable. It melts really well. Miyoko’s. Check it out.

How do I get my kids off of sugar? Well that’s a whole other video but the one way I started was by giving them good quality dark chocolate. And what’s good about dark chocolate is it really satisfies. It’s really good for our emotional state. It helps bring up dopamine levels. Dark chocolate is that there’s no sugar added and it’s sweetened with Stevia. Good quality Stevia doesn’t taste like … I’m trying to make sure there’s no glare, make sure you guys can see that. So yeah, this is super yummy, it’s really good. I just give the kids a square or two and they love it. So you can even pop a couple of squares in their lunch box and they can have a little sweet treat after lunch. They can have it with their fruit.

And then the last thing that I always throw in the lunch box is Ningxia Red. Ningxia Red is a wolfberry puree drink and it has a bunch of great ingredients. Let’s see if I can read this. Of course … Where are my glasses? It would be smart if I had those with me right now. Wolfberry superfruit, pure essential oils, and it’s got plum in it, tartaric acid, natural blueberry, vanilla extract, I believe it has, oh yeah, it has plum, sweetened with Stevia, therapeutic great essential oils. And this is two ounces and this really is great for the brain and it’s great for the gut.

Why is it great for the brain? Because it’s great for the gut. You’re having any bathroom issues, when my little one is a little constipated because she’s newly potty trained and now she’s holding it, we give extra doses of Ningxia and it’ll help her go. So this is great for energy too during the day, you know, even kids hit that slump. They’re up early, you get to school or they’re going to camp, whatever it is, this is great to give them real natural energy throughout the day and I drink this every day too.

So, those are my easy swap outs for your kids’ lunches. Great ways to get started over the summer. Help or suggestions you need, please feel free to reach out.

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May Young Living Promos 2019!

Hi, and welcome to my channel. And if you’re on my email list, you’re getting this video. Great. So, what I wanted to talk to you about today are the May promos for Young Living. And I need to go to the page on my phone and see what those are. Oh, yes, you’re right. We have toothpaste.

Toothpaste. Okay, for the 100 PV promo … So, if you’re on Essential Rewards, which, if you are ordering regularly and you’re swapping out all your chemical-y products and whatever else in your home. You’re on Essential Rewards and you’re spending 100 PV per-month and you’re going to get this Thieves Aroma Bright Toothpaste.

So if you haven’t tried the toothpaste, then this is your opportunity. If you have tried the toothpaste and you love it, you’ve now got a travel size to bring on vacation. Super awesome. Or if you have a friend who has been interested in trying a non-SLS … Oh my gosh, there’s so much junk in this background here. Let me try to push it out of the way.

But if you have a friend who’s been wanting to try a safe, healthy toothpaste, you can give this to them. Please stop doing that. Let go, thank you. Okay, all right. Don’t touch the tripod. And that is a $7.57 value that you’re getting for free. Plus you’re getting at least 10 YAR points, if not all the way up to 25 for free stuff. So you’re basically getting … If you’re at the 25 mark like I am, you’re getting 25 back in points plus another almost eight bucks. So that’s pretty good.

190. So the 190 value, you are getting patchouli. I can give you a little testimony about patchouli. So patchouli is really great for your skin. It’s great for wrinkles, it’s great for tightening, it’s great for all that stuff. And patchouli… I met a woman at a vendor event one time and she was in her 80’s, she looked like she was in her 60’s. And she came right up my table and said, “Oh, Young Living, I love Young Living oils.” And I said, “What is your favorite oil?”

Because whenever I see somebody who already knows the products I love to learn from them and hear their testimony. And she said, “My favorite product is patchouli Essential Oil because it is so tightening.” She only used it from the nose down, on the neck and on the [inaudible 00:03:06], and she had hardly any lines. In fact, I should remember to start using this. I should be listening to myself. But yeah, patchouli is awesome, it’s so amazing for your skin, and it has a lot of other great properties. Go ahead and look that up for yourself. But that’s some little information from you.

Lavender. Where’s the lavender? Thanks. These are all 15 mills you’re getting too, guys. For a 190 PV promo, you’re getting all 15-millimeter bottles. So this is lavender. Can you hold up the lavender? Come over here, turn around, look at the camera. Hold up the lavender, nice and high. Thanks Harper.

So, lavender is known as the Swiss Army Knife of oils. It’s very calming and relaxing for me, it’s amazing for … I use it for a post-nasal drip. I’ll put a drop on my thumb and press it to my soft pallet just like this. Two seconds. It doesn’t taste the best but boy, for me it just shuts off that drip like a faucet, it’s amazing. It’s also really great for skin.

I had burned myself once on the toaster oven, we had one of those big Breville toaster ovens that gets super hot, and my finger, my ring finger, actually … So, my finger touched it and it immediately blistered. And I was like, “Oh gosh. Let me get some ice on this, let me stop what I’m doing.” And I was like, “Wait a second, let me put some lavender on it.” And this was back when I first got started. Put lavender on it and then I just went about what I was doing, and an hour later I had totally forgotten because the pain went away. I totally forgot what had happened and the blister that had arrived was gone. It just completely disappeared. So yeah, that was fun.

250 PV promo. So you get all those things and geranium. Geranium is really great for to stop bleeding. I used this on … Harper gets, oh, she’s leaving. Bye, Harper. Say bye. Harper gets nosebleeds all the time, and we use geranium on the bridge of her nose, and it will stop the bleeding. So I got a tip from my friend Monica and I’m sharing that with you.

It does a bunch of other things too, it’s also really great for your hair, for your skin, I put it in hairspray, it’s awesome. So that is … Oh, I didn’t even tell you. So the 190 PV promo is an $85 value, so you’re spending 190 but you’re getting almost 90 back for free. And then the 250 PV promo you … It’s $141 value. And now the 300 PV promo, you get all those things. You get geranium, patchouli, lavender, the toothpaste, you get charcoal bar soap, which I don’t have any to show you because we use it every month and it’s gone, so I’m so happy it’s coming for free, I don’t have to order it this mont

And that’s great. It’s great for skin, Dan uses it for [bacne 00:06:13], we use it for our face to dry up any kind of situations going on. But you also get blue cypress. I love blue cypress, it’s really great for the bedroom. It’s great for … Oh, it smells so yummy. It’s good for getting the blood flowing and circulation. All these things that come with the 300 PV promo are a $196 value, so you’re spending 300 but you’re getting almost 200 back free, plus if you’re on the 25% points back, you’re getting like 75 points. To get free stuff. It’s ridiculous.

Those are the promos for May 2019. I hope this was informative. If you have any questions, as always, message me. Hit me up, DM me on Instagram, message me on Facebook, friend me, send me a message here. You can leave a comment down below, all the things. And talk to you soon, bye.

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What is Health?

(SN: So this blog might come across as a little confusing because my four year old daughter came into the room while I was recording so it was transcribed a little strangely, I apologize for that! If you have any issues, the video will make it much easier to understand!)

Hi! How’s everyone doing? With the new year, I’ve been thinking about what does health and wellness look like. Quite frankly, it probably can look different for everyone considering what’s important to them and what they’re trying to achieve. You could just be trying to get in better shape, lose weight. A lot of times, that’s like a motivation. That’s where people start. You could be wanting to lead a vegan lifestyle. You could be wanting to … Maybe you’re experiencing some health issues and you’re trying to get away from that.

I have a massage table in here because I do some light massage on my family for health and wellness, and I’ve got a four-year-old. You see the moon?


Well I guess the moon could be out now. I mean it’s the middle of the day, but sometimes the moon peeks out. Okay. Thank you for telling me. So I apologize for being distracted.

So for me personally when I got started on thinking about health and wellness, I knew that if I was not in really good shape, that I would be not at my peak and not at my best. So what I would do was … I was concerned with what I was eating. She’s fine. I was concerned with what I was eating because I wanted to be a certain weight. I wanted to exercise so that I could be strong for my family, and that is really where my journey started. That was back … I’m lucky enough to be one of those people that tend to be naturally thin, but that doesn’t mean … Just because you’re thin doesn’t mean you’re healthy, right?

So I certainly didn’t take care of myself for a very long time. When I started taking care of myself, it was with diet and exercise. That’s how it started for me. With other people, it might be something different. I know that there’s people who suffer from … Like my husband who suffer from asthma and environmental triggers and different toxins and fragrances and things in products can be an issue. So for my husband, his first place to go are his lungs. For me, my first place to go was … Well quite frankly, it was my vanity. I liked looking a certain way.

I wanted to be strong. I wanted to be able to do things, but of course we also wanted to be able to jump up out of bed and feel healthy and be able to run around and do things with our kids and not feel exhausted or tired all the time. I was feeling tired and I was feeling like I was getting headaches a lot. I was … There’s just a lot of different things going on. I was getting headaches a lot. I would get a debilitating headache at least once a week. I’m thinking back now. I’m trying to reflect back when I started this whole journey.

Another thing was my stomach would burn from taking too much ibuprofen because I have endometriosis and I’ve always had really, really severe difficult menstrual periods. Everybody always said “Well once you have a baby, that will lessen.” Well I never had a baby. I have two adopted children, but I didn’t birth a baby. So if for some reason the birth process which I don’t even know if that’s true or that’s some kind of crazy myth, but if for some reason the birth process actually does make your periods less severe, well that didn’t happen for me.

So moving forward, basically I did a challenge with Holly Rigsby 00:04:10 in 2012 and I lost … I actually didn’t lose that much weight. I actually probably weighed less then than I weigh now, but I was just not eating the right foods and I wasn’t getting enough protein. So I started eating more protein and produce. Then of course we went towards more organic grass-fed meats, organic vegetables and fruits. I was eating more nuts and seeds. So definitely more a paleo-type lifestyle. I was having some grain here and there, but for the most part, that was … Oh, here’s … Say hi.


Okay. Now, you can’t interrupt because I’m talking, okay? You can sit nice with mommy. So anyhow, that being said, I … I lost my train of thought. I digress. Okay. So that was where my journey started, was eating healthy, getting in better shape, and then I did the master cleanse. I did a bunch of different things to kind of detox my body, and I started researching certain things that I could do to be healthier because once you start feeling good, you’re like “Okay. Well now, I want to feel really good all the time.”

Sorry about that. Phone call. So anyway, what I wound up doing was I started using essential oils. I started looking for plant-based products. I started researching what was in my products because, like I said earlier, I have a husband who has asthma. He found that, for him … Harper, please stop. He found that, for him, certain things like candles and fragrances and certain products were actually exacerbating his asthma and making him feel like he needed to use that inhaler all the time.

Now, the problem with the inhaler and the albuterol is that then it was causing him to have muscle cramping. So in the middle of the night at like 3:00 in the morning, he would wake up with a softball-size cramp in his hamstring. There, I would be practically standing on it to try to work the cramp out for him. I’m like “You know what? He’s too young for all this. This is silly. There’s got to be other things we can be doing other than him pumping himself full of this steroid all the time.” He had been to doctors. He had tried all different ones. He’s also a musician. His hands would cramp. It was not a good situation.

So basically, this little bit of my background and story and the reason why I’m telling you this is because, if you’re like me and you’re interested in eating well, in learning about natural products, getting away from green washing — green washing is when a product looks like it’s all safe and natural but it actually has a bunch of other garbage in it that’s not necessary that can be toxic to our bodies — and if you want to hear the truth and you want to learn the truth, then stay tuned. I’m going to be posting a way for you to get on my weekly email newsletter where I’m going to be sharing tips and tricks and different things that I’ve been doing to come along on this journey.

So it’s been seven years. I’ve learned a lot along the way. I can definitely help you on your journey and just be that person of support because it’s not easy. It can be overwhelming, and that’s truly what I want to do. I want to help others reach their health and wellness goals and maybe even learn something that you weren’t even aware of that could really be a game-changer for you. We’re supposed to be living longer and enjoying life more than we are as humans. I see people in their 40s having heart issues and diabetes and high blood pressure, and so many of these things are avoidable if we just take the right steps. It doesn’t have to be hard.

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Get Gorgeous Hair in One Step!

Hi. I’m back, I’m Liz Bourguet, for those of you who don’t know me and welcome. So I wanted to chat with you a bit today about a really super ridiculously easy way that you can get gorgeous hair and help your hair grow, help it stay healthy and all that stuff, right? All those things. And I’m getting like an update on my computer right now, of course. When I start a video an update comes, so silly.

Okay. So anyway, what I wanted to share with you today is something that is a mineral that is really valuable to human health and it’s called sulfur. Now there are some pharmaceutical medicines that contains sulfa. That’s not what we’re talking about today. We’re talking about sulfur, which is naturally occurring in the human body. We need sulfur. It’s one of the, one of the biggest components of the human body. And it helps in so many ways. Of course, I’ve got a hair in my eye now.

So how this helps you with your hair. Well, here’s, I just want to give you guys an example. I got my haircut in November, I chopped it because I had dyed it blonde and I had a lot of damage because of the bleaching process. So I got a haircut and I took off a good chunk of hair. I don’t know, maybe six inches, four inches. So that being said, I’ve been working on growing my hair and keeping it super healthy. I still have some damage, but because I colored it over some of that blonde, but there’s still some damage. There’s still some dryness, but I want to make sure that I’m doing everything I can to grow my hair back and have it be really healthy. And I was looking and I was like, wow, my hair really got long fast.

So I figured it out. Since I got my haircut in November, we count December, January, February, March, it’s four months. In four months of my year should have grown two inches. It’s grown closer to four inches. It’s like three and a half inches, which is almost a little less than an inch a month, which is tremendous. And it’s really healthy. It’s not really breaking too much. And I was like, okay, let’s think about what I’ve been doing. So the one thing that I’ve stayed super, super consistent with is taking MSM, which is a sulfur supplement.

And MSM is amazing for the body and I’m just going to read you a little bit about why sulfur’s an important mineral in the body. So MSM which is the methylsulfonylmethane. I’m sure I pronounced that wrong and I will write it in the comments so you know what to look for, is a natural sulfur bearing nutrient that occurs wildly in nature, found in from mother’s breast milk to fresh vegetables and it’s an exceptional source of nutritional sulfur, a mineral that’s vital to protein synthesis and sound health. Why is sulfur so important to the body? Because sulfur is a mineral, which like vitamin C, is consistently being used up and depleted.

So this is why it’s really important for us to replenish that sulfur with a supplement. When we fail to replenish, excuse me, when we fail to replenish our reserves of natural nutritional sulfur, we become more vulnerable to disease and degenerative conditions. Some possible signs of sulfur deficiency are poor, nail and hair growth, Eczema, dermatitis, poor muscle tone, acne, pimples, gout, rheumatism, arthritis, weakening of the nervous system. So if you have any nerve issues, this could be part of it. Constipation, impairment of mental faculties and lowered libido. So that’s, those are just some of the things that MSM can help with.

And it’s just interesting because you don’t hear it a lot. You don’t hear a lot of doctors or health and wellness professionals sharing that we really need to keep supplementing our MSM.

So that’s about it. I just wanted to share my hair growth experience and a great easy way, something you can do every way, is just supplement with sulfur and your hair will grow and it’ll be nice and healthy. And if you’re interested in learn, in knowing what supplement that I use for my sulfur, you can just hit me up and I’d be glad to share that with you. And just do your own research. That’s what I always want to share with everyone. Do your own research. Look up sulfur and the body, sulfur and hair growth, sulfur and whatever issues you’re going with and see if it’s something that’ll help, because it’s something really, really easy to supplement with and it makes a huge impact very quickly. All right guys, take care.

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6 Natural Ways to Fix Pain

Hi! How’s everyone doing? Today I wanted to share with you six natural ways to fix your pain. I was on Google earlier, and I stumbled across this article talking about chronic pain and you know, I just thought this is something that I think I would like to share with everyone.

  1. One of the main things that I always go to when I’m dealing with any kind of chronic pain is, avoiding inflammatory foods. Yeah, there’s a lot of foods out there that cause inflammation. Gluten tends to be one of them, dairy is another one, alcohol. These are all things that you can avoid quite easily when you’re dealing with pain.
  2. Another thing that you can do when you’re dealing with pain, is to take a detox bath. What is that? A detox bath is simply a little bit warmer than lukewarm water in your bathtub, and you’re going to add a couple cups of Epsom Salt, some baking soda, and then even some bentonite clay. The magnesium in the Epsom Salt is phenomenal for pain. A lot of times inflammation is, we need to detox from it. Taking that Epsom Salt bath, and that detox bath is really going to help with that. 
  3. Another thing is taking the right supplements. As humans we’re not getting what we really need out of our diet. As clean as we could eat, and as much as we might eat tons and tons of leafy greens, and potassium rich bananas, and all the things, it’s still impossible to get the amount that we need in order to really make that different in our bodies. It’s really important to make sure you’re taking the right supplements.
  4. Another thing that I do for chronic pain, is I see a chiropractor at least on a monthly basis. Getting in that regime of visiting a chiropractor is really important. There’s a lot of great chiropractic doctors out there, so I definitely recommend that you do your research, and go, and talk to the doctor, and get a consultation. ‘Cause it really, it’s really that kind of relationship that you want to get to know the person.
  5. Another thing that you can do is get massages. Massage is wonderful for our bodies, and we really as human beings, don’t get enough massage. Bob Hope, I believe it was him, he got one massage a day for like, towards the end of his life for like, I don’t know how many years. But, every single day he would get a therapeutic massage, and he lived well into his 90’s, and he really attested that, that was because of the fact that he was getting these massages.
  6. Another thing is yoga. Yoga is wonderful for our bodies, because it’s exercise that helps us move, and stretch, and really puts together that brain body connection, that symbiotic connection that we need to have with our bodies. But, it does it in a very gentle, mild way that we can increase our flexibility without just really attacking the body.

Those are my six tips for your natural fixes to help with your pain. If you’d like to know any of the supplements that I personally recommend, I have an email list that I send out weekly. I share all sorts of trips and tricks, so I’d love to share that with you. I’ll link that down below. If you have any comments or thoughts, definitely if you feel this would help somebody else, share and comment. I love to hear from you guys, so thanks for watching. I hope this video was helpful for you. 

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Safe Makeup!

There are so many products these days that are made to look all natural and safe, but the only way to really know which makeup brands are safe and which ones are not is to read labels. Watch this video for my top three safe makeup brands. For the best brain health solutions, subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video every Tuesday. Confused where to start when it comes to choosing the safest makeup and don’t know where to begin? By the end of this blog, I’ll give you my top three safe makeup brands that I choose to get a high-end, department store look without all the toxins. I’ve done this and so have hundreds of my members, and now it’s your turn.

Omiana has a whole line of vegan, titanium dioxide and mica free makeup. And what I love about Omiana is the same thing I love about all of these safer makeup brands, there’s virtually no smell. I’m looking at their mascara; there’s no mica and there’s no titanium dioxide. The ingredients are water, chamomile, beeswax, another kind of wax … I should have brought my glasses. Now I can see. Okay, sunflower seed oil, rice, thyme, lavender, rosemary, goldenseal, lemon, all plant derived. They’re a US company, and you can go And I’ll put the link down below.

My favorite product from Omiana that I use regularly is they have this redness. I packed, I’m leaving on a trip tomorrow, so I already packed it. But it’s like this little pot of this redness concealer. And I love it under my foundation. It’s awesome. And it seems to be like just a really great company. Their website is really beautiful, easy to navigate, and all of their stuff is just really, really clean. That is definitely a company that I recommend.

Savvy Minerals by Young Living. Savvy Minerals is my go-to, my favorite, number one. This is one of their products. It’s all mineral makeup right now. This is … Oh, this is one of their foundations. It’s a powder. And I actually have a video I’ll link below, which I did a Savvy Minerals makeup tutorial. And what I love about Savvy Minerals is the … number one is the Seed to Seal Process, which is the mantra of the company, is that everything is created from Young Living, from the seed of the plant to the seal of the bottle. And Young Living has a standard. And there is zero smell. They have a misting spray, which does contain … I wonder if this says what the ingredients are. It doesn’t say right on this. It probably says it on the box.

But I list that below, too. I thought I was better prepared. Okay, I use, what I’m wearing right now, I have that redness concealer of Omiana underneath, and then my foundation, my bronzer, my blush, lipstick, eyebrows, shadow, everything, and mascara, everything is Savvy Minerals by Young Living essentially. And I use the majority of their products. Their mineral makeup has a lot of coverage. And if you could see, let’s see if I can get closer, I have a lot of acne scaring and a lot of redness, and it really does help give you that flawless look. There is a, what’s it called? Give me a second. A primer that I use underneath. Everything is infused with essential oils, so it actually, I feel it is improving my skin, and making my skin better.

I love the way it smells, as far as the misting spray has essential oils in it. But honestly, it’s just really good, high quality makeup. Completely vegan. Completely plant-based. The minerals are actually taken from the earth, and ground up, and then the pigment is added in. There is titanium dioxide in Savvy Minerals, but Savvy, all of Young Living’s products don’t contain nano particles. And nano particles are what actually can enter your skin and then get into your bloodstream, so the titanium dioxide that Young Living uses does not contain nano particles, which is huge. They’re small enough to create that flawless look, but they’re not too small that they would enter the bloodstream. But that is huge that Young Living by Savvy Minerals … Savvy Minerals by Young Living takes that extra step to make their products super safe.

What is your staple, can’t live without makeup product? Comment below and let us know what makeup product it is that you can’t live without.

100 Percent Pure. 100 Percent Pure is another great company. I mean, and there are some other clean companies out there. There are companies like Tart, and there’s companies like … I can’t remember the name. Bad YouTuber. But anyway, there’s a couple of other companies that have some products that are okay, but then other ones aren’t. So if you’re not sure, you can write out those ingredients that are on whatever product you’re interested in and then run each product, each ingredient, through, which is Environmental Working Group. And you’ll be able to see the toxicity rating and you’ll be able to read about that ingredient.

100 Percent Pure. This is one of their lipsticks. And I have tried foundations from 100 Percent Pure, for me, I need fuller coverage, and they seem to be, even the foundation, seems to be more of like a BB Cream than it does a full coverage foundation. But 100 Percent Pure uses fruit pigmented, this is fruit pigmented pomegranate oil, anti-aging lipstick. It’s 100% natural, 100% vegan. And the ingredients are not listed on here. Hmm. Anyway, I can link all of this down below, but It’s the number 100 Percent, spelled out And this is, this lipstick is, like I said, it’s fruit pigmented. And what I love about it, oh, first of all, it’s so pretty, right? Look at that. I mean, I tend to wear mostly Savvy Minerals, but this is a more opaque, lighter color. I’ll put it on for you.

And it just kind of, it just smells like fruit. It doesn’t have any of that chemical smell to it. I find there’s a couple other lipsticks that I’ve gotten from 100 Percent Pure that I really, really love. They also, if you want an eyebrow gel, because I use a powder on my eyebrows, but if you want to use an eyebrow gel, 100 Percent Pure has a great eyebrow gel. There’s some things that some companies carry that others don’t, so that’s why it’s good to have a mixture that you can work with.

Now you know exactly what brands are safe, so you can begin swapping out your makeup for safe options. But what ingredients should you avoid? I’ve created a free report listing top ingredients to avoid. The link is below. Also, join me and a community of women just like you. I’ve created a secret society where I share up-to-date health and wellness advice for learning what foods and products are safe and which are not.

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Hidden Toxins in Your House (and what to do about them!)


Want to kick toxins out of your home but not sure where to start, watch this video for my super simple step by step guide. For the best brain health solutions, subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video every Tuesday.

Are you carefully watching what goes into your mouth, but when it comes to keeping a healthy home, can’t figure out where to begin? By the end of this video, you’ll know my top three items that you can remove from your home to start living cleaner today. I’ve done this, and so have hundreds of my members and now it’s your turn.

Kick those candles out of your house. Candles are something that we love to have in our home. We love the flicker of the light. We love the smell of the scented candle, but here’s the thing. They contain fragrance and other toxins that are not good for our bodies. They actually are disrupting the way our cells are working. The best bet is just to get all of those candles out of your home. The other things that candles do is they emit carbon into the air. We’re actually breathing it into our lungs. We’re better off just not having candles in our home. There are plenty of natural solutions that are super yummy smelling that will be much better for your health. It will actually make you a healthier person.

Air fresheners, another thing laden with fragrance. Here’s the thing. The Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976 grandfathered in a bunch of toxic chemicals that are cancer causing, and have all sorts of problems. Fragrance is one of those things. We don’t know how it affects our body, but what we do know is that it actually makes our nose smell things not the proper way. You want to make sure that you’re getting rid of air fresheners. They’re toxic. They’re not good for you. Eliminate air fresheners, and you will start feeling better right away.

Comment below and let us know what household product you would like to replace with a natural safe solution.

Dryer sheets, so what happens with dryer sheets is they are another item that is laden with fragrance. Do you see what’s happening now? Do you see how anything with fragrance is not really safe for human beings or for animals. To keep your home safe, healthy home, eliminate things with fragrance. The problem with dryer sheets is that they not only get into our clothes, and they’re stinking up the environment by emitting those scents outdoors. I don’t know if you notice that, but I can smell it when someone is doing their laundry, and I can smell their dryer sheets. It immediately gives me a headache. What happens is, we get those toxins from the dryer sheets all over our clothes. Then we hang them in our closet, and they out-gas while we’re sleeping at night. We’re breathing in all those toxins. They’re on our sheets. They’re on our comforters, on our pillow cases, on our night clothes. We’re wearing them. They’re touching our skin. It’s just really smart to get rid of dryer sheets.

There are super easy solutions that you will be so happy that you did away with dryer sheets. It’ll save you money. You will be feeling healthier, and you’ll know you’re doing your best for your family.

 Now your know exactly how to begin kicking toxins out of your home. But, what else can you do to become your best self? I’ve created a free checklist with seven quick and simple steps to eliminate brain fog, restore focus and transform your health. Click the link below.

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Grain Free Snacks!



Curious about which snacks are healthy and which are not? Watch this video for my super simple grain-free snack ideas. For the best brain health solutions, subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video every Tuesday.

Are you confused about where to start when it comes to eating healthy and can’t figure out where to begin? By the end of this video, you’ll know my top three grain-free snack ideas.

Fruit and veggies are excellent, excellent snacks. Apples, oranges, kiwi, you name it. Any fruit is better than eating something that’s laden with grains or heavily processed. Also, I love to have snacks like celery and cucumbers, sugar snap pea. They’re really easy for grab and go. You can slice them up ahead of time, put them in baggies and take them with you.

I love protein snacks such as sugar-free jerkies, cheese sticks, nuts, nut butters, almond flour crackers, and also there are a lot of snacks and chips made with cassava flour, which comes from a root. These are all great things that you can keep on hand and you can get at the supermarket to keep with you or have in your cupboard so if you feel like having some tuna salad, you can have some crackers with it and still feel like you’re getting that little bit of a starch without eating something that’s made from wheat or corn.

What’s your most favorite healthy food? Comment below and let us know. Let’s share some ideas of different healthy foods we can get started with today.

RX bars and LARA bars. If you haven’t heard of these bars before, you can usually find them in your local supermarket. What’s great is they’re made from whole foods. They contain dates, which are a little bit higher as far as spiking your insulin levels as far as the sugar index, but they’re still a natural sugar so they’re a good source of protein, fruits, nuts. RX bars tend to have egg whites, nuts, and dates, and LARA bars tend to be a little bit more on the fruit side.

You still need to make sure you’re looking in the ingredients because sometimes there’s certain flavors that might not really be something you want to be taking into your body, but for the most part you can be confident that RX bars and LARA bars are great grain-free snacks to keep on hand.

Now you know exactly how to load up your cupboard with grain-free snacks, but what else can you do to become your best self? I’ve created a free checklist with seven quick and simple steps to help eliminate brain fog, restore focus, and transform your health. Click the link below.

Also, join me and a community of women just like you. I have a secret society where I share up-to-date health and wellness advice to help you navigate the sometimes tricky waters in learning what foods and products are safe and which ones are not.

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Intermittent Fasting…How To!


Want to learn about intermittent fasting but not sure where to start? Watch this video for my super simple, step-by-step guide. For the best brain health solutions, subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video everyTuesday.

Why intermittent fasting, and how do I start? The way intermittent fasting works is that you use your fast from sleeping and you extend it. So you can extend it in either direction, you can extend it before you go to sleep and then you can extend it after you wake up. Go to sleep, midnight, you sleep until 8:00 a.m., so there’s your eight hours already. Then you can fast for two to four hours, or even longer, and then you break your fast.

So let’s say you fast for four hours, you break your fast at noon, then you have your first meal of the day. And when you’re eating, you want to make sure that you are eating healthy food. You don’t want to be consuming sugars or heavily-processed foods. Before you go to sleep at night, you want to make sure you stop eating at a certain time. For example, you stop eating at 8:00 p.m.and then you go to bed at midnight. This way, you fasted a total of 16 hours and in the middle of that, between noon and 8:00 p.m., you had eight-hour feeding time.

What’s your most favorite healthy food? Comment below and let us know. Let’s share some ideas of different healthy foods we can get started with today. Like I had mentioned earlier, you want to eat healthier types of foods. I would stick to proteins and produce to start with. You can start incorporating some starches in, that would be fine. Sometimes having a healthy starch, like a potato or even white rice, is okay to have during your feeding time. You just don’t want to have anything heavily laden with sugar and I would definitely stay away from wheat. Most of our wheat and grains are heavily processed and they’re not really healthy for us anymore. So I would stay away from corn and wheat and most grains, other than white rice.

Now you know exactly how to begin intermittent fasting, but what else can you do to become your best self? I’ve created a free checklist of seven quick and simple steps to eliminate brain fog, restore focus, and transform your health. Join me and a community of women just like you, I have a secret society where I share up-to-date health and wellness advice, to help you navigate the sometimes tricky waters in learning what foods and products are safe and which ones are not.

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How to Eat Healthy! (Simple Steps to Change Your Life!)

Want to know how to eat healthy food, but not sure where to start? Watch this video for my super simple step-by-step guide.

For the best brain health solution, subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when I post a new video every Tuesday.

Are you confused where to start when it comes to eating healthy and can’t figure out where to begin? By the end of this video, you’ll know the top three ways you can start eating healthy today. I’ve done this, and so have hundreds of my members, and now it’s your turn.

Step one. Start reading labels. It’s so important to know what is in the foods that we’re purchasing and we’re buying at the store. It’s very easy when you’re buying fruits, vegetables, to know this is an apple, this is a zucchini, right? You know that whole food.

Look at a jar of peanut butter, for instance. Flip over that jar and read the label. The only ingredients should be peanuts. Peanuts have natural oil in them. All you have to do is just ground them up and you have peanut butter. When you look at certain brands of peanut butter, you’ll see on the back of the label sugar or high fructose corn syrup, added oils. These are unnecessary, so just be sure to start reading your labels.

Step two. Look for short ingredients lists. If you’re not sure what ingredients to look for, another way is to really look at that ingredients list, and they should be on the short side. If you see a really long ingredients list, chances are there’s a lot of additives, preservatives and things that are not healthy for our bodies. So, take a look at your ingredients list, start to get to know what those ingredients are, but in the meantime stick to shorter ingredients lists.

What’s your most favorite healthy food? Comment below and let us know what your most favorite healthy food is.

Step three. Keep it simple. Once you have a few foods that you really enjoy eating on a regular basis, eat those foods again and again each week. For instance, if you really enjoy having hard boiled eggs in the morning, have hard boiled eggs every morning. As long as they are grass-fed and they are organic, you’ll be fine having a couple of eggs every day.

You can also eat similar type of vegetables. If you really enjoy broccoli, cauliflower is something similar to broccoli, so you might want to stick to those cruciferous vegetables if you’re not really into the leafy greens just yet.

Now you know exactly how to begin eating healthy, but what else can you do to become your best self? I’ve created a free checklist, seven quick and simple steps to eliminate brain fog, restore focus, and become your best self. The link is below.

Also, join me and community of women just like you. I have a secret society where I share up-to-date health and wellness advice to help you navigate the sometimes tricky waters in learning what foods and products are safe and which ones are not.

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